tinfoil hat update

When I was making my appointment for the EEG tomorrow, the woman who’s doing it asked me if I wore any hair products. I said “No, in fact I don’t have a lot of hair, so this will be an easy one.” She laughed and said that a fair number of clients have arrived wearing hair mousse. Apparently the plastics in mousse get on the scalp and cause the signal for the EEG to be degraded by about 50%.

So! Tinfoil hat wearers who fear government death rays, mind control, and the church steeples forcing you to have sexual thoughts about manhole covers! Just use lots of mousse!

LOTS AND LOTS of mousse.

Another health tip from Substitute Industries.

7 thoughts on “tinfoil hat update

  1. I was watching the TV show house and this guy from a prison was getting a cat scan and he had prison tattoos and when he went into the catscan machine the ink got sucked from his body because of all the metal.


    1. i saw that! it scared me, ’cause i’m covered in (non-prison) tats and regularly get scanned in large scary machines. i had an mri last spring and they made me take out my nosering. but then my broken arm prevented me from getting in the tube, so i had an open mri, where they just covered the nosering with tape. i had a horrific moment of fear where i envisioned the ring tearing out of my nose! but nothing happened.


      1. The reason his ink got pulled out of his skin was because in prison they use paperclps and pens, and the ink has a lot of metal in it, which stays in your skin, which giant magnets dont agree with. I’m way to claustrophobic for cat scan. I get sick just thinking about it.


      2. Geeky ex-medical person correction
        The CT or CAT scan is just x-rays. They shoot lots and lots of x-rays of slices of you and put them together to make a 3-D image.
        MRI is the magnetic one that isn’t good if you have metal bits in you. It uses very strong magnetic fields.


      3. Re: Geeky ex-medical person correction
        and getting a CT scan is a fucking walk in the park compared to the MRI. you don’t even have to change clothes!


      4. some tattoo inks contain metal salts, but any trace amounts of metal aren’t enough to cause such things to happen in the majority of patients, unless, yeah, your tats are from prison. i was assured there was no risk to me when i had my MRIs. 🙂
        the closed MRI is a helluva thing if you’re claustrophobic – and really, even if you’re not; the open mri still sucked but was no where near as phobic, thankfully.


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