Sexy list


  1. Dirty blonde hair
  2. Swimsuit under sundress
  3. Opinionated
  4. Beat up Converses
  5. Sarcasm
  6. Expressive hands
  7. Intensely focused reading
  8. That walk you got.
  9. The space between the hairline and the collar on the back of the neck
  10. Girls who don’t take shit from anyone
  11. Louise Brooks haircut
  12. Men’s shirts on women
  13. Singing

13 thoughts on “Sexy list

    1. ps good luck tomorrow. I’m sorry I couldn’t see you this week but my mom is in town for the California Court Interpreters Association conference in Newport.

      1. upon further reflection i do own beat-up Chucks but that’s just because they’re de rigeur in the umm, rarified rock world which I inhabit. or something. *cough*
        anyway, thank you for saying so. must go work on my expressive gestures now.

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