There’s your problem. Someone set this thing to “dorkwad”!

Tomorrow I get an EEG. The object is to find out whether my disastrous brain freakouts have a measurable neurological element that might benefit from neurofeedback or other approaches. It does sound like I fit the profile for this kind of evaluation.

Neurofeedback might be recommended if this is the case; I’m not sure what else they might recommend if I have brain waves that are out of baseline.

This won’t be anything like Laura K’s ordeal; apparently it only takes an hour or so.

Even if it’s a wash, I get a map of my brain. That’s kinda cool.

One thought on “There’s your problem. Someone set this thing to “dorkwad”!

  1. I pester the MRI guys to give me a copy of my films on CD-ROM for extreme geekdom.
    Maybe they’ll line you up for a PET MRI, thats like a Super brain map.

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