on the other hand, FOOD GOOD

Visited Laxmi today. Got good stuff: hot curry powder, garam masala powder, tamarind concentrate, very fresh poppy seeds, tea masala, chana dal.

Came home and made a lamb curry with tomato, the garam masala, some tamarind, a glorp of plain yogurt. Put it on brown basmati.

Oh dear GOD that was good.


8 thoughts on “on the other hand, FOOD GOOD

  1. I tried to read your post out loud to Craig. God I hope it was easier to make than it was to pronounce. It’s a hell of a feeling to feel like your in 4th grade again, reading in front of the whole class.

  2. i’ve got a great recipe for rogan josh for you, probably similar to what you made, but its a classic in my house. we’ve got to have you for dinner soon (and i’m not just saying that), i’m dying to try a new recipe out!

    1. I just kind of faked it. Basically 1 lb of meat, 8 oz tomato sauce, a tomato, about 4 tablespoons of the garam masala powder, and about 1 teaspoon of the tamarind stuff. Laxmi is in Tustin on El Camino Real in the “old town” part of town.

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