10 thoughts on “Good Morning, Indiana!

  1. It’s funny. The point is obviously to keep dykes from having baster babies, but it’s written so broadly it may make illegitimate birth illegal.
    This is the state, I never tire of pointing out, that legislated the value of Pi to be exactly 4.

    1. The famous “Indiana Pi Bill” (Engrossed House Bill No. 246) would have legislated the value to something like 3.2 . I think this is the best page I’ve seen on the mathematical strangeness.

      1. We’re both right. 246 set up multiple standards for the value of Pi, one of which was equal to four. The other two were 16/5 and the square root of (2 x 16/7).

      2. Ah, on this one, though, I am a die-hard Hoosier. Most of Indiana, except for Da Region and another sliver (wherein the localities go with the big metropolises just over the state line), ignores Standard Time. The majority of the state is therefore always on Central Daylight. This is so obviously correct that I fail to see why the rest of the nation does not follow suit. Standard Time sucks.
        That is, until the upcoming changeover. The current Republican governor for some reason made it a priority to get rid of the chronological strangeness, so Indiana will soon be joining the rest of the nation in its folly.

      3. I just found the facts that every sysadmin in the world had the timezone option “Indiana/Starke” and that there were places in the state where time was indeterminate to be hilarious.

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