Get your raisin on

kniwt pointed me to this beautiful 60 second anthem to the greatest little city in Central California: Fresno Image Campaign Song #1, KFSN. This is a 1 megabyte mp3 I produced by hijacking the audio from the site it was on and then encoding an mp3. Because fine art deserves fine treatment.

6 thoughts on “Get your raisin on

  1. How old is that thing? Or is that what passes for hep happ’nin’ music in Fresno these days?
    I’ve listened to it six or seven times now. It’s addictive. MAKE IT STOP!

  2. b sides
    Thx for sharing. Please core out my eyes & ears and fill the holes with excrement.
    Christ, who is that style of song marketing to? Dribbling octogenarians, 4 year olds and the christian right?

    Admittedly I generate logos & promo copy for useless things & shitty corporations, but I don’t feel as pathetic as the voice talent that has to sing, with feeling, this type of crapped-up-crap for a clawfull of dollars.
    They must go home and slam h straight into an artery.

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