Get your raisin on

kniwt pointed me to this beautiful 60 second anthem to the greatest little city in Central California: Fresno Image Campaign Song #1, KFSN. This is a 1 megabyte mp3 I produced by hijacking the audio from the site it was on and then encoding an mp3. Because fine art deserves fine treatment.

6 thoughts on “Get your raisin on

  1. b sides
    Thx for sharing. Please core out my eyes & ears and fill the holes with excrement.
    Christ, who is that style of song marketing to? Dribbling octogenarians, 4 year olds and the christian right?

    Admittedly I generate logos & promo copy for useless things & shitty corporations, but I don’t feel as pathetic as the voice talent that has to sing, with feeling, this type of crapped-up-crap for a clawfull of dollars.
    They must go home and slam h straight into an artery.


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