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  1. buster keaton:
    My dad and I watched lots of his movies when I was growing up. I still love his work. That flat expressionless face and the monster stunts he did all himself, totally unique.
  2. diedrichs:
    The coffeehouse that ate my entire life in 1996. Love/hate relationship at this point. I’m there almost every day and I probably will be unless I move out of town or they tear it down.
  3. husker du:
    In 1984 I bought their single cover of “Eight Miles High” and was completely hooked. That same year “Zen Arcade” came out and tipped my musical taste upside down. They had a raw sawblade intensity and so much emotion.
  4. kwyjibo:
    A Simpsons trivia item; Bart wins Scrabble with it. It’s here because my friend Steve, who knows way too much about the Simpsons, blew us all out of the water with a Simpsons trivia game with this answer and it impressed us all.
  5. mexican midget rodeo:
    Yeah, it exists. Including Mexican midget go-go girls and midgets on fire. I have never seen it. Mexican entertainment is its own world.
  6. octopus:
    One of my favorite animals. I just love watching them move. As a child I was mesmerized by Jacques Cousteau petting them undersea.
  7. pynchon:
    “Gravity’s Rainbow” is my favorite semi-comprehensible novel, and I like “V” and “Lot 49” a lot too. He’s the American Joyce.
  8. somethingawful:
    This is a great website for the laughing off of the ass, and once in a while for good satire too.
  9. turbonegro:
    Over the top Nordic gay punk metal. Not anything to be serious about, but loads of fun.
  10. zen:
    I like puzzling philosophies. Zen I particularly like because of R.H. Blyth’s insane classic book “Zen in English Literature and Oriental Classics”. But I couldn’t ever practice it. I can’t sit still.

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