Technical victories

First, I finally got my Powerbook to stop miscellaneously slowing to a crawl several times an hour, and also got it to stop hanging on “Open” dialogs. The solutions were 1) completely and utterly disable Spotlight and 2) turn off syncing the iDisk. So I had to disable two useful features of my operating system because they were buggy and painful, but at least I’m not swearing at top volume every 15 minutes.

Second, Jeff Eaton was kind enough to post on his blog the solution to a horrible Photoshop problem I’d been having. All my pictures would look lovely in Photoshop and then get washed out and crappy as soon as I saved them as web-optimized jpegs to put on Flickr, etc. I couldn’t figure out what the hell was happening, and it was making me something something. Turns out there was a bad preference in the “view” menu in Photoshop under “proofing”. End of problem.

Man, it’s like taking a rock out of each shoe.

7 thoughts on “Technical victories

      1. Ah. Although I’ve heard rumors that this had changed, I decided a while back that was teh suck. So, not an issue for me, then.

  1. …and, now that I think of it, how do you utterly disable spotlight. I’m tired of the powerbook spinning beach balls at me while it takes a coffee break, myself.

    1. c/p from
      As the previous poster said, first modify /etc/hostconfig to read:
      Then to get rid of the existing index, run these two commands from Terminal:
      mdutil -i off /
      mdutil -E /
      The first command disables indexing on the boot volume, and the second erases the existing template. You can then use Activity Monitor to kill any mds or mdimport processes or else just reboot. Futzing with permissions will probably break OS updates that try to update files in the zeroed-out directories and of course won’t survive a repair-permissions run.
      If you later change your mind and decide you want Spotlight after all, it’s easy to reactivate. Set
      in /etc/hostconfig, run in Terminal:
      mdutil -i on /
      and reboot.

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