I love the Aquarius Records new releases email.

And I love Aquarius Records. Why? They put it best themselves.

And as always, thanks for reading the list, passing it on to all your friends who love weird music, shopping at our store, turning -us- on to all sort of great stuff, and helping us spread the word and get all this great music to the people who love it. YOU!! And as always, please realize that we work really hard on the list, so if you find out about stuff through us, please try to buy your records from us. That way we can keep on doing what we do, and we’ll always be here with our ears to the ground, and with cds full of metalcore pitbulls, death metal parrots, gamelan playing elephants, recordings of glaciers cracking, ice melting, zamboni’s, life support systems, drag races, audience applause, and of course self flagellating Norwegian dwarves, moaning telephone wires, recorded exorcisms, acapella straight edge metalcore, high school battles of the bands, movie theater organ music, Christian psychedelic folk, Bhangra Black Sabbath as well as all the metal, indie rock, electronica, punk rock, reggae, dub, sixties psych, krautrock, classic rock, country and anything else your heart may desire. So thanks. A bunch!


One thought on “I love the Aquarius Records new releases email.

  1. It’s probably my favorite store. Surely Amoeba have more records, but the selection is ever so lovely at Aquarious. On top of that, their website is really nice. You can listen to a lot of music online before you decide to buy it, and that’s always nice.
    However, my favorite thing is the little notes they put on the albums.

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