9 thoughts on “Oops, someone unplugged Los Angeles.

    1. tac alert! tac alert!
      The “full tactical alert” is a gimme for reporters. Actually the LAPD goes on tac alert all too frequently. A bad Saturday night with lots of crimes, or a shortage of officers, or a street festival is enough for them to declare a divisional or citywide tac alert. It really just means “you can’t go home until we say so” but it sounds like thousands of SWAT guys leaping into helicopters to safe freedom.

  1. I’m watching the news. It’s hysterical. The desk jockey keeps asking the DWP “What can we tell people at home with no power right now”?
    Hellooooooooo? Most people without POWER are not watching the news on TV.

  2. Oops. Sounds like someone accidentally cut a line. I wonder if “Brownie”, of former FEMA fame, paid the worker so as to deflect attention away from him. Or something.
    Here in the East, it was comical watching them interrupt a Special Report for a Special Report. Oh, nested do loops, how we love thee.

    1. Sugarhoneysweetiebabe
      LA is not the real world.
      None of this is real.
      I thought you knew that.
      That’s why it got all screwy when you diverted your attention.
      Don’t let it happen again, ok?

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