George Bush doesn’t like midgets.

  1. The people who got these tattoos will really Never Forget.
  2. Rice rocket culture + whiteboy rap through a U.K. filter = my subaru. (not work safe)
  3. Orange County’s own local terrorist dude’s story in his own words.
  4. Happy Patriot Day. Pass the Let’s Rolls, genericus!

8 thoughts on “George Bush doesn’t like midgets.

      1. Re: That’s possible.
        it could be an ad for mtv, or “dirty sanchez,” which i guess is the UK version of jackass. is owned by asa bailey, so, i don’t know, given that fact and the movie’s source, it’s definitely an advertisment for something. i guess it works because you posted it and i’m investigating and talking about it. otoh, it fails because, well, what? am i supposed to want a pepsi now? i’m confused w/r/t the product.
        anyway i think viral advertising gets a bad rap because of the scary name. it fails unless it’s entertaining, so hey at least it’s entertaining. and in a less offensive way than product placement in movies.

  1. Tats
    My gaudy those are some awful tattoos. Each one is more horrifying than the one before. Can you imagine when those people have kids and grandkids? “Daddy, why’s the eagle so mean?” “‘Cause we’re tyrants for liberty, honey.”

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