• Driving down Chapman in Orange today I saw a woman in a witch costume. By “witch costume” I mean the full Wicked Witch of the West outfit with conical black hat, flowing black garments, weird shoes. I could not figure out what this meant on the day after Thanksgiving in Southern California. As a bonus, the entire effect was ruined by the large neon pink duffel bag she was carrying.
  • The cranberry ginger cherry relish made by salome_st_john is Cranberry Crack.
  • culfinglin is a very cool person and I enjoyed the long convo over coffee today tremendously.
  • The “Holiday Season” has arrived in the traditional way here in Southern California. Today I was tailgated by my first SUV-with-grille-mounted-wreath of the season!
  • My cat has been staring at me a lot lately.
  • The new Pynchon has arrived. I am simultaneously eager to start it and afraid of its bulk. It’s like having an entire ten pound cheesecake in the house.

Ten things I do when I’m alone

1. Belch a lot
2. Talk to myself and the cat interchangeably
3. Listen to incredibly cheesy guilty pleasure music on repeat
4. Eat macaroni & cheese
5. Drink a whole bottle of wine and mumble to myself
6. Chase the cat around the house
7. Invent new recipes in the kitchen and often flush them down the sink
8. Spiral into inexplicable depression and self-hatred for hours
9. Feel an even more inexplicable nostalgia for Kansas City
10. Write and then erase what I wrote

Yours? Horked from klikitak


  1. CAR: Mysteriously jumping out of gear intermittently going between 2nd and 3rd, or sometimes 3rd and 4th. Today, new behavior consisting of the ever-informative CHECK ENGINE light going on, sometimes accompanied by a nonspecific warning from the VEHICLE STABILITY ASSIST program.
  2. DSL: Intermittently out, then totally out. Diagnostics with nice man from Speakeasy resulted in removing the surge protector from the line: margins went from 13% to 18% and now I’m back to normal… …FOR NOW.
  3. LAPTOP: Power cord now likes to sidle out of its socket, causing power loss, unwanted sleep mode, hilarity.