He confessed that he was a gay German.

The mute possibly autistic piano genius is actually, just, you know, some guy. Why “gay German” is important, I don’t know. Are Teutonic homosexuals often mute and pianistic? And of course it turns out this guy wasn’t really a piano player after all.

7 thoughts on “He confessed that he was a gay German.

  1. “Ms Dorey-Rees was unable to say what music he had played.
    “Nobody was skilled enough to recognise the music, they just knew it was classical music and he played very well.”
    wow, why bother lying about that? I HOPE SHE FEELS STUPID.

  2. The medium is the message
    Well, it’s the Daily Mirror, a British tabloid, and in the world of British tabloids, homosexuality is considered morally suspect. Not in the y’all-burn-in-Hell Jerry Falwell way, but in a curtain-twitching bourgeois British those-ponces-are-all-up-themselves-something’s-not-right-about-them sense.

    1. Re: The medium is the message
      Ah, I think I get it. Now, even more than ever, I want to go to England just so I can wander about yelling “I AM A GAY GERMAN!” although I am neither.

  3. Wow, that is extra lame. NPR did a thing on him a not too long ago. They interviewed one of the health workers, who was under the impression that “piano man” really knew his way around his piano. He probably didn’t draw a piano either, it was a paint by number and he only had one black crayon.

  4. One report claims he “just tapped one key over and over.”
    Jobim’s “One Note Samba”? Elllington’s “C Jam Blues”? Chopin “Grande Valse Brillante”?
    Or maybe he’s a piano technician…

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