watch the skys, americas eagle’s are coming

  1. The Black Panthers did in fact create a coloring book, and then the FBI made it even worse. (via The Nonist).
  2. Kids! Do not play the passing out game. Is the spirit of Bill Burroughs haunting Lawrence?
  3. We’re so fat, we can’t have air safety life vests any more.

6 thoughts on “watch the skys, americas eagle’s are coming

  1. Weight and flying
    Soon after Mack and I got married he was too polite to ask me how much I weighed. One day he took me on a helicopter ride. As we were trying to take off, the helicopter was not performing as it should. He did some quick calculations, asked his instructor a few questions on the radio and proceeded to circle the airport. I asked “is something wrong”, and he answered “I have too much fuel, we’ll circle the airport for a while to use some of it up”. Although he never mentioned he miscalculated my weight, I was very embarrased.
    Later when I started going to Weight Watchers he’d count my weightloss per gallon of fuel.

  2. I already knew that I’m horrible to look at and a failure as a human being, but now I am responsible for the potential deaths of innocent people.

    1. The airlines’ failure to be realistic about the size and shape of Americans as a group is nowhere near in sight of being my fault or yours. Nor is being overweight (by whatever standard), for that matter. I don’t ever mean to suggest otherwise.
      I wish there was a way to separate the genuine scientific health issues about weight and diet and eating and exercise from the huge mess of inane social assumptions we have about character and appearance. Until then, my pudgy self will be strapped in next to the anorexic stick-woman on a spiralling plane crash, forever.
      signed, the fat guy

      1. Man, I totally should have figured that your beef was with the airlines, what with all that context your provided.

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