character sets are hard

I get an RSS feed of the craigslist personals, two categories. This is a fine use of technology to help me find future stalking victims.

A lot of the posts on craigslist personals are from prostitutes or something close to it, and those posts get yanked. And there are also the usual Internet weirdos who will use anything as a message board, including one guy who keeps posting about how he doesn’t like fat girls, and people who get trolled by him and post things back at him. And all of these posts come out as individual personal ads too, and then get yanked.

About a week ago, I started seeing dollar amounts in a lot of postings. They’d say things like “Viet girl in irvine looking for LTR – $28”. I wondered what the hell? Were they all prostitutes? And if so, why so cheap? Had Mr. Troll managed to break in somehow and insert prices on all the women to make some more trouble?

I finally clicked through on one today and “Work too much? No time to find a nice lady? (OC) $24” turned out to be “Work too much? No time to find a nice lady? (OC) – 24”. For some reason the feed is prepending a dollar sign to all the ages of the personals posters.

So, yeah, that’s the story of how bad character sets in RSS feeds ruined my dream of cheap sex in Orange County.

6 thoughts on “character sets are hard

  1. Speaking of RSS, our good buddy Dave somehow manages to equate his failure to understand being in a different country with people fighting over what RSS should be called. I missed the right turn there the first two or three times around the block, but eventually I came to share his hatred for the duplicitous Canuckians who are diluting our pecuniary brand.
    10:39 <nrrd> Why must you continue to deny that he invented Canada 10:49 <nrrd> "Because I, along with Microsoft and the U.S. Treasury, pioneered   the use of the dollar as a way to buy goods and services, I think it is   unforgivable that Canada has adopted and CHANGED my standard without even   talking to me."

  2. duh
    “Work too much? No time to find a nice lady? (OC) – 24”
    I read that as “Work too much? No time to find a nice lady? (OC) – 24 INCHES.
    I had weak coffee today, sorry.

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