3 thoughts on “Dear odradak and pbd

    1. The original fiesta definately screamed I aint frontin or I aint “inspired like other ford vehicles” to look like a better car than it was. The fiesta of 1978-82 was real. It was what it was.
      Now, if they took the original design and threw in a honda v-tec 160hp motor, I would be sold.
      Too bad that car died. It so screamed that the driver is NOT compensating for anything. Hell, Bethya married me when I owned that car.

      1. A single, masculine tear…
        Agreed. Our girl wasn’t bothered at all by trendy designs. She did what she was meant to do (and quite a bit more) with gusto.
        By the way, the water pump went out. No death. I’m holding on to the fantasy that the person I gave the keys to didn’t turn it into a little red cube. Also, that he didn’t let his wife turn it into some whorish show car.

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