comin’ through the door it’s a snub-nose .44

Two Los Primos tacos + nice friends + loud fun rock ‘n’ roll + 1 beer = good Friday evening.

Saw Sexytime Explosion at the Bamboo Terrace. I’m always nervous about friends’ bands, and even more so about friends-of-friends in bands, but they were pretty damn good. I do like me some real punk rock! And it wasn’t all muddy and stupid like most punk. They were pretty tight and they kept up the momentum and obviously they give a shit about this stuff and practice and pay attention. I like a keyboard in a punk band too; it always reminds me of early X with Manzarek. Jackie Ojeda has a Patti Smith/Poly Styrene thing going on with a nice low throaty yowl. The all-male rhythm section holds the two girls up like forklifts, kinda ballet style. Altogether very enjoyable. Couldn’t hear the lyrics and couldn’t hear the guitar, because there’s no PA there so you’re just getting the amps & the vocals old skool punk style, like being at Raji’s or the Cathay de Grande in ’85. Guitarist was doing barre chords on a Gibson SG though, so what’s not to like? And they’re nice people.

Definitely a two thumbs up from this old punk.

Also Jackie is smokin’ hot, like the burning that comes from the fire, and she is my new stalking victim. Gina and Lisa: it’s your task to reassure her that I’m really an okay guy while I am hiding in the bushes outside her house.

The bar was full of plus-size Orange County bro guys. They mostly had shaved heads and you could see the Domestic Violence Anger Muscle throbbing on the backs of their necks. Their t-shirts included these messages:


I would suggest that they add:


But I doubt they’d go with it. As I was getting my beer, one of them complimented me on my choice. “Don’t get the Sierra, man. It fuckin’ tastes like bukkake.” I looked at him for a second and said “How do you know what THAT tastes like?” His buddy coughed beer and my new friend said “You… uhh… don’t want to know.”

In other sex news, some hideous slack-jawed pear-shaped fifty-something burnout trapped D. behind the counter at work tonight and after leering at her for half an hour or so, told her that he’d met his ex wife when she was working there. The whole time of course she’s waving her wedding ring in his face, etc. He then asked her if she’d be into doing some “role playing”. Working with the public, man. You can’t beat it!

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  1. At the airport today, for a moment I felt like I stepped into one of your Livejournal entries. “I LIKE GIRLS WHO LIKE GIRLS” was picking up this well-browned hottie with creepy sunken cheeks. They were waiting for their flight to LA.

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