It’s St. Dogboner’s Day and Time for Links!

  1. BOOM! There goes the neighborhood. There’s a customized nuke map of a 100 kt blast at my house. Sorry about the neighborhood. Make your own, today!
  2. Here’s a great idea. Let’s give the TSA rentacops “temporary and reversible” death ray stun zap magic wands!
  3. Reason #2942 not to do speed: Meth Mouth. Tweaker teeth are ugly.
  4. I am overjoyed to see that Walker rides again! And now we see what has happened to Janine Turner’s career.
  5. Did they have a tornado in England and I missed it? (Flickr)
  6. One reason there’s so much ATM card fraud is that lots of banks don’t use half the security info on the cards. Thanks, guys!

10 thoughts on “It’s St. Dogboner’s Day and Time for Links!

  1. so, whats with the 1980’s nuclear holocaust fear all of a sudden? thats two people i know who have linked to nuclear blast maps in the past 24 hours. Glad I dont live anywhere that would be directly melted by a blast. Sucks to be a citygoer.


    1. It’s all about Google mapping. But yeah, it’s totally the 80s flashback to Orville Schell and “how far away from the blast will your skull liquefy”.


  2. Phasers on stun
    Military-tech people really really want there to be knockout gas (like in The Prisoner) and harmless stun guns. And I think that’s why there won’t be any such thing, because the sheer desire to believe that the prototype you have in hand is the thing you want, means that the kinks never get ironed out.
    So the Russians in that theater-hostage thing used their “knockout gas”, but oops dozens of people just dropped dead. And dorks in uniforms love their “stun guns”, but I bet being “stunned” with one of those things is no more harmless than being whanged on the back of the head with a lead pipe.


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