short attention spam

This is a series of random observations or questions. They’re short because my ADD-like symptoms are bad and I can’t comprehend big ideas right now. Which pisses me off to no end! But anyway:

Nick and I keep discussing that action-movie shot in which our heroes run or jump in slow motion away from a big fiery explosion. They almost always jump while running in the air and extend their arms, and are silhouetted against a wall of flame. Is there a name for this shot? There must be, because almost every action movie has one. We think it originated with the Lethal Weapon movies but we’re not sure. Anyone know?

I was at the grocery store late last night. It being Friday night, there were a number of couples there picking up items after a date and before going home: beer, ice cream, snacks, wine. The couple behind me in line seemed like nice people and were alternately looking a little annoyed and then laughing about something. The guy kept leaving and coming back as we waited. The line was long. I caught her eye and said “What, can’t he find the goldfish crackers?” Turns out he was trying to get condoms, which were in a locked case near the back of the store. There were only a couple of employees in the whole place so it was difficult. I looked at the line behind her, all couples with snacks and beer. “You’d think they’d know better…” she said and then started cracking up again. He returned and we all decided that instead of a lock, there should be a happy bell clang and circus music whenever anyone got a condom, or maybe a booming CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR SEX! announcement.

burntcurtis is a great date. We IHOP’d it last night and had a good long chat, after I introduced him to Andy A and they nerded out about circuit boards and other electronic hardware items and their manufacture. The IHOP people were using an unusually sexual advertising technique to sell French Toast. Is “leave happy” like “happy ending” but with breakfast food?

Does anyone know where one goes to shoot rifles around here? Yeah yeah I know, lol clocktower. I mean for real, for learning. I want to get a .22 and poke little holes in things at a distance.

The orange cat who guards my street 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, approached me this morning as I stood on my doorstep, pointed its paw at me, and said “Gnaaaaarp.”

It’s St. Dogboner’s Day and Time for Links!

  1. BOOM! There goes the neighborhood. There’s a customized nuke map of a 100 kt blast at my house. Sorry about the neighborhood. Make your own, today!
  2. Here’s a great idea. Let’s give the TSA rentacops “temporary and reversible” death ray stun zap magic wands!
  3. Reason #2942 not to do speed: Meth Mouth. Tweaker teeth are ugly.
  4. I am overjoyed to see that Walker rides again! And now we see what has happened to Janine Turner’s career.
  5. Did they have a tornado in England and I missed it? (Flickr)
  6. One reason there’s so much ATM card fraud is that lots of banks don’t use half the security info on the cards. Thanks, guys!

News wrapup

  1. Kristen took a stand. South Orange County strippers disapprove of the London terror bombings, in case you wondered if they were straddling the issue. (via myspace chain letter).
  2. I think the time has come in pop music for tribute bands to have their own tribute bands. Some of these guys have more than passed the M*A*S*H threshold and outlasted their idols by decades. Pick your local tribute band and start giving them the due they’ve earned. Around here I suggest: “Two Doors Down, a Tribute to Wild Child” and “Drive Their Car, a tribute to Rain“. You probably have your own local meta-heroes to emulate. Come to think of it, I bet wossisname Cafferty already has tribute bands.
  3. Can’t seem to face up to the facts; tense and nervous, can’t relax.