hey wearescott! Your town gets another honor!

They’re the first town in the U.S. to get an official Wal-Mart dating night, which has already been some type of success in Germany of all places.

The program was hatched by Michelle McGenity, an inventory associate at the Roanoke store, who read an online story about a similar program at a Wal-Mart in Germany. She proposed the idea to her manager, and they devised a plan to publicize it on fliers around the store and even turn it into a charity event. Participants have the option of making a $1 donation to the Children’s Miracle Network.

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6 thoughts on “hey wearescott! Your town gets another honor!

  1. So happy to find robotwisdom again. It has been the greatest inspiration over the years. Can’t even remember how I found it originally. There was nothing else like it. Until memepool I guess. And no one who linked to such a high percentage of things I might like. Barger has gone through dry spells before, but nothing like this last one. Hope he keep working on his semantic web stuff. That always inspired me the most.

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