Today’s recruiter email

This is unedited with the exception of removing names and adding a few [sic]. Note to recruiters: If you’re copy/pasting the same thing to 200 people you’re shotgun-emailing, try spellchecking at least first. Measure once, cut twice, and all that. Quadruple-spaced semiliterate notes with bad spelling and technical errors and four or five exclamation points at the end of each phrase give people the creeps.

My name is [redacted] and I am a senior technical recruiter with [redacted]. I was contacting you today in regards to an exciting opportunity that I have for you.

Linux Administrator

HOT OPPORTUITIES!!!! [sic] High profile company in the financial industries!!!!! [sic] HOT TECHNOLGY!!!![sic] LARGE IT BUDGET!!!!

Experience administering Red Hat Linux in an enterprise environment

Must have expereince[sic] with PERL[sic], Borne[sic] or Shell Scripting

Team oriented, flexible, Subject Matter Expert in some Linux area

Must have experience supporting database applications

Must have a background in Oracle on top of Linux

Red Hat Certification is a HUGE plus

Will be responsible for OS level support

Please contact me when you get a chance, I would like to find out more about your background and experience.

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