It’s good to live where I do.

Southern California this week is going to be a dangerous and painful furnace. Today it was 120° in Indio (desert town). The emergency services people have put out a dire bulletin advising people to be careful of the high temperatures and unusually high humidity, and not to leave old people, children, or animals in cars, and for chrissakes don’t die of the heat.

Meanwhile, the report ends with this:


Thank you, Dad, for buying a house in Paradise 40 years ago.

9 thoughts on “It’s good to live where I do.

  1. Okay, now I’m afraid. Me, with my wool extensions…? I shall be a night creature, then, living in the cool, damp, shaded underbelly of a rock. Screw that. I’m not a cookie to be baked and eaten by ugly children with no table manners.

  2. I hear ya. Sat it was 118 out at the London Bridge in AZ. (Sightseeing with mom) Just going from the car to the shops there made me ill. Onshore flow rocks. I like the June gloom.

  3. I’m not sure how many people passed out yesterday at Disneyland, but Caitie saw one stretcher being wisked away from the tented area at the final merchandise line. I saw an ambulance pull in just as we were leaving.
    I really wished they would give us a ride to our car. It was nasty: hot and humid. It’s like my skin was broiling.
    And yes, even growing up in Phoenix, I couldn’t go out when it was over 110. I’d burn to a crisp in that “dry heat.” I love the foggy, cold of Grover Beach. Too bad we can’t afford to buy a house!

    1. When we visited DisneyWorld (Fl) that was the worst part. The hike across the vlistering hot, unshaded asphalt. Yes the Trams do get you somewhat close, but you still seem to have to hike a half mile.

      1. Because of the 50th Anniversary, the only overnight parking was 1/2 mile away with NO TRAM. It was fine at 4 in the morning, but I had to stay at the 15 minute parking pick up area while poor hiked to the car and picked up me, our little dog, and all our bags of goodies.
        We both have a nice one to two degree sunburn going today. Ouchy!

  4. ain’t life grand to live by the beach? i’m glad no one else knows about life at the each. yup, like a ghost town in Santa Monica, it is.
    I’m playing a bunch at an outdoor restaurant in Burbank this summer – i imagine several times i’ll be chimping about in 90+ degrees. i’m gonna have a garden hose handy to soak myself and the crowd. just have to remember to point it away from the amp.

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