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    1. I worked up north at a private men’s club (think guys smoking cigars and reading newspapers in front of an ominous fireplace) the average age of the members was about 70 or 75. The ones you had to watch out for were the old ones…they knew they had this sort of built in excuse and would get all touchy feely. Most people would say they were just being nice old men…which a few of them were, but most were seeing just how far they could push the limits. Ok, cringe now.

      1. Altman is legendary for this behavior, so even if he can’t perform the act itself any more he has to keep up his… …appearances.

      2. That doesn’t surprise me, on this documentary on prositution that I saw, most of the clients were 70-75 and had no interest in using any kind of protection. I guess death’s door isn’t so bad if the doorman’s a hooker.

    1. That’s “Lindsay”, thank you very much. 🙂
      I can’t tell you how glad I am, given this picture, that she has become an ultra-anorexic bleached blonde that I can no longer have a crush on.
      And, yes, I’m still much younger than Altman. SO STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT.

  1. I suggest that a rolling gibbet is a better choice for old fuckers like this. Sorry, Rob, get in the JAIL. Give him a teddy to feel up while he’s in there. =)

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