10 thoughts on “current dashboard

    1. widgettes
      google maps
      sysstat (that’s the geek trola in the upper right)
      buzztracker (world news, mapped)
      tinyurl (makes little urls out of big ones)
      sometimes I use the US Postal Service Address validator
      when I’m getting tech support at the apple store I use the Genius Bar one

    1. This time of year it’s entirely for humor purposes unless we have apocalyptic surprises. Which, of course, we always do.

      1. funny
        The weather here is pretty consistent as well, but not nearly as nice.
        Also, caryatid reminded me of kouros, so thanks.

  1. WTF?
    Dude, I clicked all over it and it didn’t do jack.

    Honestly, I did want to get all clicky with it. Feel like lending me your computer for a bit? 8^)

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