Goth Poem.

Redeemed flaming fireflies

Their saint flowing from a helpless mother reveres me.
A spasm is towering above a razor!
A dust towering above a forbidding grass drifts, hopefully.
Disintegrate, surrender yearning after the teacher behind the explosion!
At last it is gothtastic.
Through it all my victim clutching at a gothtastic victim protects, wildly.


(created with the Goth Poetry Generator from this Poetry Generator page.

3 thoughts on “Goth Poem.

  1. The remembered fertile sea
    The priestess of joy far beyond the brother coiling within a familiar teacher uses me…
    My hordes roam stamping on the wasteland lurking under the black mirage.
    The grim flames slumber silently.
    You heal their mirage.
    Did I so soon trust their comforting rainbow, as unseeingly as the sinuous sky inside the martyr bursting forth from an unknown hill..?
    Beyond the borders of sanity it endures.

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