yeah, a lot of these, yeah.

Much improved LJ rare interests “meme” thingy:

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. virgin prunes score: 7
2. knights templar score: 7
3. the residents score: 7
4. specimen score: 6
5. wolf eyes score: 6
6. cathars score: 6
7. gun club score: 6
8. uk decay score: 6
9. sex gang children score: 6
10. italo calvino score: 5
11. unwound score: 5
12. boredoms score: 5
13. shriekback score: 5
14. henry james score: 5
15. synaesthesia score: 5
16. no wave score: 5
17. sun ra score: 5
18. emacs score: 5
19. stfu score: 5
20. mary magdalene score: 5
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2 thoughts on “yeah, a lot of these, yeah.

  1. Your suggested interests are much closer to my real interests. I got a bunch of fiber arts and whole grains stuff, which makes sense, but also a big fat fistful of “natural birth” stuff, which is… No.


  2. I’m really kind of into my list:
    1 crazy cartoons
    2 victorian girls gone wild
    3 wandering strange cities
    4 the word “swanky”
    5 songs about drunken sailors
    6 jay-jay johanson
    7 apple picking
    8 the weasleys
    9 telescopes
    10 checkmate you asshole!


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