Let’s all welcome Dan to LJ.

Originally uploaded by conradh.

Irish Dan finally took the plunge and is berg74, a stylish and forthright LJ name that says “I am the 74th person to try to use the first four letters of a common set of names here”.

Let’s have a big hand for Dan!

4 thoughts on “Let’s all welcome Dan to LJ.

  1. Welcome . I’m sure that went over all of the paperwork with you. The open enrollment period was up in May, so you’ll be on the “fisherman’s” health plan. It’s fine as long as you don’t get sick. Ha ha. Well, you’re in the bottom bunk. We do that with all the new guys until we find out how well they can hold their liquor. The rules are posted in the bunkhouse and on the back door of each stall. What else…. ? Oh, yea, don’t lend anyone any money or share you food. Both of those things just lead to fights. Enjoy!

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