referer madness

When you host images on your own website and read your logs, one of the things you see is which friends group you’re in. This is usually pretty basic, like “locals” or “people” or “not_from_work”. As I think I mentioned once long ago, they can also be funny like “former_fucktoys” or “dumbfux” etc. I am on kateoninetails list called “not legal” although I am over 18, because she is in law school.

There’s been a few funny ones over the years but I am happy to say now that I have just found out I am on gordonzola‘s list called “white guys”!

8 thoughts on “referer madness

      1. And so you can read a chunk of journals at a time on your friends page! I have “people”, “communities”, and “meta”, so I can read individuals’ journals, LJ communities, and communities-about-LiveJournal separately.

    1. They’re only really visible to geeky people who look at their referer logs. I’m just glad I wasn’t on any really awful ones 🙂

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