Return to the Palace with me…

The Panther Palace, that is. West Costa Mesa’s sexiest sex club for sex, home of swingers from all of central coastal Orange County, where the affable Gordy runs the show. I think I’ve mentioned the place before. It’s locally notorious, because this is generally a very unsexy part of the world. No worries, there’s no titillation to be found chez Gordy.

Please note the least sexy sex swing ever, the overstuffed video room, and the art-filled front room.

Some sample quotes from the horrified Internet Residents to whom I introduced this place tonight:

TorgoTen: “This is my drawing of where the aliens/CIA took us for the ‘poontang rendition’.”

eyeteeth: I can’t stop looking at it. It is seriously the least arousing thing I have ever seen.

fimmtiu: If you’re running a sex club and you can’t afford leather accoutrements, you’re in the wrong business.

WilliamLadislaw: I rigged up sexier digs for my old Pentium II web server.

eclipsetuliphead: are those dirty tube socks??

8 thoughts on “Return to the Palace with me…

  1. The “rooms” where you are supposed to do the bouncy bouncy look like a nastier version of the basement where Charlie Ing kept his victims. Come to think of it, so does the sex swing. gah.

  2. Tonight’s your night.
    Couples Only Parties
    Third Saturday of each month
    7pm – 1am
    As you read this there are couples looking for a hunk a meat. Your meat.

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