7 thoughts on “With this I shall defeat General Bievous.

  1. dig-em, dig-em
    IJLS “My spoon batteries are dead”.
    (Also, I had to look up what Honey Smacks were because I’d never heard of them, and I learned that they were renamed from “Sugar Smacks” back in the early 80s, which amused me both because at some point in time it was completely acceptable to market cereal by putting “sugar” in the name, and because I’m sure some marketer is now wondering whether or not “smack” is going to be a problem.)
    The parade of Smacks mascots is amusing. Quick Draw McGraw! Deseo un tazón de SMAK, por favor.

  2. Erin and I currently have a new line of Light-Saber novelty products in development. It’s all very hush-hush, but I assure you that
    a) It’s going to make us rich as thieves,
    b) They offend Brandon’s sensibilities.

  3. I’m not really a star wars fan ::ducks any incoming rocks, tomatoes, etc:: however, I just HAD to buy a box of cereal with a light saber spoon in it!! It is absolutely the coolest thing EVER! ::does impression of star wars boy with spoon:: XD

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