Patio maniac #32352: the 30something counselor guy with the old laptop and the staring eyes.

Tonight on the patio we were BSing with Angel and she pointed out this guy whose name I don’t know, but who has been at D’s constantly for years. All I know about him is that he’s some kind of government psychiatric worker. She said he had been constantly staring at her for three years. (Angel is 19.)

Admittedly Angel is not only pretty, but the kind of pretty that guys stare at. She’s aware of this and a pleasant tolerant sort of person so she doesn’t sweat it usually.

But, the whole three years of staring thing was bad. He only had spoken to her once, not there but at a random gas station encounter, and he asked her out and she said no.

My only observation about the guy is that he rarely spoke and is pretty tightly wrapped, and occasionally does peculiar things, like recently when he sprinted after some pyramid scheme dorks who were selling tooth whitener in order to make sure to get their sales pitch before they left. Anyway.

After about 20 minutes of intense staring, he came over and made small talk with her tonight, not acknowledging any of the other friends of hers sitting at the table. I was just about to over-effusively introduce myself when he finally left.

Counselor/stalker guy had a girlfriend for about a week recently and they were all cuddly, but I haven’t seen her for a couple weeks. Hope she’s not in the crawl space.

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