8 thoughts on “Live from the knitting factory LA

  1. As ever, my question is “What are hipsters trying to prove?”
    There’s also a corollary, which is “Can they please stop trying to prove it?”

  2. yes, please leave the PBR to those that deserve it…. the hillbillies like myself who don’t want to pay a lot for beer. Just got a case (24) for 9.59. time for the shithammer!

  3. Up here, the PBR flows like water….tastes like it, too. Seriously, just about every single establishment has a $1 PBR night, $1 PBR happy hour, 40oz PBR bottles, and all sorts of horrible stuff. THIS IS THE LAND OF MICROBREW! PUT DOWN THE PBR AND STEP AWAY FROM THE BAR.

    1. If it’s the cheapest beer there I’ll drink it. It’s just weird to see all these kids pretending it’s GREAT BEER BECAUSE IRONY!!! and no, it’s just American pisswater, and you’re not a steelworker.
      Drink on and enjoy it if it fills your need! grin

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