Tripp upppdate

I am in SLO. Today I confirmed the hepkitten is a bot! Also I got rained on but did not get a parking ticket. For dinner I had meat. The ladies in the bookstore were having a long conversation about some type of insectoid pet. SLO was full of people doing some wine and nibbles tour event that involved carrying wine glasses around and giggling.

Now I am reading and having a Fat Tire in my room. What will happen tomorrow?

Do not try the new Dentyne Ice Vanilla Chill™ gum. Just don’t.

8 thoughts on “Tripp upppdate

  1. An ex coworker of mine convinced me to go to one of those art/wine walk things with her once.
    I got excited by the free juice and by the end of the evening was shouting “where’s the tequila biiitttccheessss” and knocking things over with my elbows.

  2. that gum tastes like bananas.
    did you get a free sample on the side of a “don’t burn yourself, it’s hot” thingy for a cup of coffee?
    i did.

  3. Oooh! SLO
    Make sure you stop off at the Hot Springs in Pismo Beach…(if I’m not too late). They’ve got public mineral hot tubs and they are the best! Soothes your aching body (Sycamore Mineral Springs). đŸ™‚
    Vanilla Chill gum…the sound of vanilla in my gum just doesn’t sound appealing…but the other Dentyne ones are quite interesting…hurt my mouth though–dang strong!

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