At home he’s a tourist

Gang of Four were great. Everyone please send happy thoughts to genericus who is spending the wee hours at SFO before working a full day at the office.

Me, I get to sleep in and then tomorrow do wtf I want, followed by an evening with tuliphead and possibly anarqueso or other! Cool! People!

Now back to reading in my hotel room.

5 thoughts on “At home he’s a tourist

  1. Reminders
    I hereby remind you that pleasant times can be had by browsing in fine bookstores, as well as by eating in interesting new restaurants.

      1. Re: We’ll get drunk on cheap wine!
        Ah, so you went to the show too? I saw them back in the early ’80s, in Athens, GA, maybe ’81, I really can’t remember the exact year, but it was outside in a field, and it was amazing. The whole Athens scene was amazing musically, at that time. Ah, those were the days. And now I am old. And I’m guessing so are the members of Gang of Four. 😉

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