Pretty girls make gravy.

This has been a pretty successful vacation week. Saw a great show, ate well, didn’t get any tickets. Only got stood up twice. Met some neat people in SF. Tomorrow I shall mess around slo a bit more and then head homeward. Maybe I will stop in Solvang and have danechow.

Crap, out of bottled water. Now I’ll have to put on pants and go to the 7-11.

7 thoughts on “Pretty girls make gravy.

  1. OR get pea soup! i found out recently that i far prefer the canned andersen’s pea soup to the one from the actual restaurant. how terrible.

    1. Yummy Anderson’s pea soup! Oh, no way – the restaurant is WAY yummier than can. At least, for me and my sweetie. And you can’t beat the ambiance.

      1. i think it was because i was scared there was bacon in the soup, and the thought of secret bacon was totally nauseating. the consistency was completely different, thinner and more watery, in the restaurant. it was gross.

      2. Ahhhh, I see. But there is no worries. They have two different vats of soup: one with bacon and one without. And your right, the soup at the restaurant is more liquid than the can, but I think that’s why I like the restaurant better. The can seems gross to me, all those peas smashed up together.
        To each their own! 🙂

  2. don’t forget the hot tubs!
    Sycamore Mineral Springs…get to smell like sulphur if you sit in it for more than an hour. 🙂 And sooo relaxing… 🙂
    I’m glad you’re on vacation. That is good!

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