Linguica explosion 2005

I am at the downtown SLO market stuffing my face with a bbq portuguese sausage sandwich in the rain. Life is good. Hils, where the hell are you? Are you a bot too?

5 thoughts on “Linguica explosion 2005

  1. I’m here, I’m here!
    As soon as O wakes up and we get dressed around here we’ll head out to SLO and call you from Ryans cell!!

  2. SLO?!
    I didn’t know you’d be coming back down our way. Maybe we’ll get those deep, passionate kisses after all. 🙂
    In fact, we drove up to SLO last night to get some journals (like, paper and bound kind – old school) at Boarders and then had Thai at our favorite spot over off of Foothill. I had no idea we probably crossed you in the rain as we drove down Marsh Street. Too funny!
    Hope you are enjoying SLO town.

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