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A generic bit of Metafilter agitprop announces that cockfighting is to be a felony in South Carolina, but domestic violence remains a misdemeanor. This leaves us with the comical impression that chickens are more valued than victims of domestic abuse.

Silly. The law cares about money. The reason cockfighting is a felony is that it’s a gambler’s sport; no one in South Carolina cares which birds claw each other.

The solution here is obvious; get the bookies to make odds on domestic violence. Or, better yet, have spouses and partners go at it before audiences. “Two points on the lady wearing #43, she’s got some muscle on her!”

Result: domestic abuse would become a very serious crime immediately!

5 thoughts on “modest proposal

  1. Why is domestic abuse legislated different from other kinds of generalized hitting of people? Is it somehow worse / not as bad when you live with the person you’re hitting?

    1. Domestic violence had to be made a separate crime because people beating on each other at home wasn’t being prosecuted.
      Because a lot of people still tacitly approve of beating on each other at home, it’s often not treated as seriously as fisticuffs at the local bar.

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