In the world of C-list talk radio, it is still 1978

While the rigors of the average workday leave Americans defenseless against government cover-ups, mass media red herrings, and corporate scandals, Alex Jones sorts through the corruption with eager devotion.

What do you get when you cross Wild Kingdom with Saturday Night Live? Animal Talk.

S. Earl Statler has been cruising the seven seas since the late 1940’s.

Tune in and See why millions of listners cant wait to see what Jack will say or do next. YOU WANT BLOOD, YOU’VE GOT HIM!

His fast paced overnight program deals with conspiracies, mysteries, and success in all areas of life.

If you have no health insurance, Wendy and Carolyn show you how to combat the cold, flu and other health problems with a trip to your refrigerator. Herb Talk Live covers a wide range of health topics including the offbeat health news of The Quack Report.

The Midas Report gives the public what it wants: the ability to laugh at itself. You’ll hear the day’s headlines, the first look at the financial market’s closing numbers, as well as a first look at today’s hottest products, directly from the manufacturers themselves. Jubilation will be in the air wherever people can hear The Midas Report.

I have to stop now, I have the fever. Oh, by the way, many of these hosts are not always politically correct!!!!!!1!!!!

4 thoughts on “In the world of C-list talk radio, it is still 1978

    1. I’m sympathetic to people like that. They’re absolutely right that things are going to hell in a handbasket, freedoms are being diluted, and the world is being run by 50 assholes in suits.
      What they can’t face is that this is being done for pathetic, banal reasons like making a bit more cash. No aliens, no ancient Templar plots, no undersea lizards, just a bunch of used car dealers with appetites.
      I wish sometimes I lived in the loony conspiracy guy world instead of this boring film noir epic.

      1. He really could use a good dose of Occam’s Razor. But I agree that he performs an important service to the extent that he raises people’s awareness about the 50 besuited assholes.

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