I wonder what happened to Mitchell Harding?

He was one of the original hosts of the Hour 25 sf radio program I listened to growing up, and did news on KPFK also. Later he was on KCRW for years and years. He had a deep comforting voice, and seemed really smart and nice, and all knowing. Apparently he did a health radio show for a while with Dr. Gershon Lesser, until 2000 or so. I wonder if he’s still alive? LARadio.com doesn’t know where he is, and they know where everyone in radio went.

I hope he didn’t die without recognition. I searched in vain for an obit.

11 thoughts on “I wonder what happened to Mitchell Harding?

  1. Mitchell Harding
    I knew Mitchell Harding in the early sixties. His real name is Loring Ware. You might be able to find him, or info about him, under that name.
    (founding staff member – KPFK)

    1. Re: Mitchell Harding
      Thanks very much, and thanks for being a founding member of KPFK. That station was a big part of my education.

      1. Re: Mitchell Harding
        I have some more info about Mitchell Harding (Eugene Loring Ware) if you’re interested. Also some artifacts (JPEG attachments) if there’s some way to send them. Let me know.

      2. Re: Mitchell Harding
        just came across this archives post. I was devotee of Harding’s “Continuing Carrot: show on KPFK. Any information would be great.

      3. Re: Mitchell Harding
        If you will let me know your e-mail address I will forward the items re Mitchel Harding. Thanks

      4. Re: Mitchell Harding
        Pardon me if this is redundant. I just responded reflexively…
        Also, nice deux chevaux

      5. Re: Mitchell Harding
        That’s a wonderful clip. Thanks so much for providing it.
        Yes, I had responded before and you had sent me info; I just spaced out and didn’t realize it was the same person being helpful yet again.

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