wrong turn

I note that somewhere I seem to have turned into that guy who rants on the Internet. I hate that guy. One of my rules of thumb for reading weblog-like things is to skip anyone who uses that word. “I just want to rant a bit here…” CLICK. Oh shit, I’m yet another version of That Guy I Can’t Stand! I’m enough of him as it is.

So, in lieu of having good news or useful things, I myself have been ranting too much. Looking back over my entries I see a lot of spew. It’s a bad cliché. Next project: improve quality of bloggery for better customer satisfaction.

7 thoughts on “wrong turn

  1. I hate that guy too, but I don’t think you are he. For one thing, when you hate on a person or institution it feels genuine, not like you’re trying to impress someone with how moody or tortured or better you are. Also you’re very smart, which that guy isn’t, and you can look at more than one side of an issue, which that guy doesn’t. When applicable, you’re willing to admit you might be part of the problem. You don’t resort to ad hominems, and you’re sympathetic to people who’ve made mistakes. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you’re funny. No, what’s most important is that you don’t use the word rant. (Christ, that’s annoying.) That’s because it’s not a schtick with you, and that’s why you’re not that guy.

  2. At least when I do it, I cut it to make it even easier to avoid 🙂
    Seriously, who cares? This journal is yours to do with as you please. If that involves the occasional rant, so what? You’re still an interesting read.

  3. Yes, but your rants are intelligent and thoughtful, as opposed to stupid and vapid (“My turn signal broke this morning! I can’t believe how much my life sucks! Nobody else’s turn signal broke! My dad bought me a STOOPID car!” etc. etc.)
    Don’t overanalyze your writing. We read you for a reason.

  4. ::claps hands::
    Rant on, rant off, The Ranter, by RonCo 😉
    ::claps hands::
    The one thing that always gets me about reading your “rants” is that I’m trying to figure out why the fuck you’re channeling what’s in my sicko brain and writing everything I’m thinking but can’t get out.
    So, my apologies for making this happen to you 😡

  5. Next project
    I’m confused, sir. If you plan to satisfy this customer any more, there will be some sort of mess to clean up.
    Err, I mean…

  6. I don’t agree with your assessment of yourself as a ranter. You’re just posting a lot. Your arguments are passionate but cogent, and don’t consist of just labelling the other side.
    Maybe posting so much isn’t a sign that you’re turning into a ranter, but a sign that there’s important things you have to express?

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