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  1. Missing paragraph
    Websense representatives report that bogus blogs can be differentiated from their legitimate equivalent by the presence of professional writing skills, corroborated facts, and a complete absence of articles indicating that the author has nothing to write about that day.

    1. Re: Missing paragraph
      But seriously, this part

      The company said blogs were being used because they inadvertently offered lots of help to computer criminals.

      stinks a bit to me. I can’t even figure out what it means. And this makes no sense at all:

      Websense warned that viruses hosted on weblogs might be a danger because they get round the filtering systems many firms have created to ensure malicious programs do not reach employees.

      It’s as though they think blogs are something other than web pages.

      1. Re: Missing paragraph
        i agree with mr/s mendel. i can’t even figure out wtf they’re talking about in half of that article. they make it sound like if you visit the website your entire Identity is automatically “keylogged” and downloaded into “the phishing gang’s” collective brain.

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