My communication difficulties are increasing. I’ve also made at least three simple-minded errors today with important work stuff. I say the wrong word; I express myself in ways that annoy or confuse others; I get things reversed; I spend 20 minutes trying to think of a simple word. This is not my brain, this is my brain on drugs.

I’m sure the next thing I’m prescribed will be the perfect solution, though. It always has been, since 1986 now. Could psychiatry please leave the Middle Ages some time soon? These leeches sting like crazy.

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  1. Is your Dr named House?
    To explain, House MD is a Fox TV show but it is very predictable and follows this recipe:
    (House has a whole team of Docs under him)
    Patient Presents with weird symptoms
    Team makes some WAGs as to what the disease was (a few week ago Neurofibromatosis was a WAG and even I knew it was instantly wrong)
    Patient is given Meds based on WAG
    Meds nearly kill Patient
    Dr House takes one glance at the Patient (whom he hasnt seen) and has a new diagnosis
    The diagnosis results in new meds but a if we’re wrong, he’ll die. Type situation.
    Ultimately he is right, every time.

    1. Fox
      I like watching Arrested Development, especially for its occasionally Wodehouse-like dialog.
      But as I was watching it the other day, I was nearly crippled by the cognitive dissonance that during this show that has Bertie-Wooster-like dialog, there were commercials for House, featuring Bertie Wooster speaking inane medical-thriller dialog in an American accent (“THE SENATOR’S BREATHING IS AT RISK!”).

    2. Clearly, you are missing the fun of the show, which is to watch House being an acerbic dick, rather than gleaning medical info. Frankly, I rather enjoy it. 🙂

      1. Ah. My hope for humanity is restored.
        Now, for real fun, watch House and then watch an episode of A Bit of Fry and Laurie and enjoy the whiplash! 🙂

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