The back yard is a pile of roses today, birds and butterflies rioting about everywhere, sparkly sunlight.

If you want to find the gas prices for your locale in the U.S., start here.

I appear to have rowed myself out to sea.

An employee of the library reports that the new regime there intends to “run it like a business”.

I ought to be a lone rifleman on a water tower somewhere.

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  1. My City doesn’t rank a gas price Website, though I did notice something interesting…
    We have this Chain called Manley’s Mighty Mart. The one closest to our house was like 2.39/ga, the farther you drove away (and when I say farther I mean like 5 miles) the cheaper Manley’s got. The difference between the Manley’s by my house and the one about 15 miles away was over 10c a gallon.

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