Glamour Don’ts for Girls

“Hollister” label sweat pants with name on the ass; emo-style spiked “punk” belt; Ugg boots; Costa Mesa Sharks t-shirt; neon green plastic bracelet; that hair.


Spring is here:

I’m artsy and B&W with gratings;


15 thoughts on “Glamour Don’ts for Girls

      1. punk’s dead?
        Being an avid observer of society you should know those belts aren’t “punk” anymore and she probably bought the sweats AND belt from the same store.

  1. I define “IN” as anything 13 year old girls wear. By that metric she is 100% “IN”. The fact we consider it a “DON’T” just shows how “OUT” we are. And I’d much much rather be 35 right now then 13.

  2. I can gauge anything as “out” if you can buy it at Payless, Mervyns, or Tilly’s.
    and I imagine all of the things this gal is wearing are on the CLEARANCE rack at any of these stores.
    also: that photo of the palm trees reminds me of last srping, sitting at a table with ern c and tamara knitting and talking shit.
    Missing the D’s lots.

  3. hahah maybe i’m just younger than you all, but I think shes cute. I’d hit it.
    my GF is 18 so she wears the same kinda stuff occasionally. I dont have a problme with it, except the ugg boots, those are just hideous, fortunetly my Gf doesnt have any.
    i’m 26 and i like them youngins

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