Punk rock is over. Really, really, really over. Just stop. It’s dead. Stop resurrecting it at the Pet Sematary. It’s lamer and lamer each time y’all try.

6 thoughts on “Fatwa

    1. I think it was about the 1000th generic corporate rock band with the “punk” look or the 1000th teenager’s livejournal with the crap lyrics from said generic band, or the 1000th hot topic victim 15 year old I saw in a halloween punk costume, or maybe hearing some music from 1979 or so and realizing that nothing anyone calls “punk” sounds remotely like the real energy of the original rebellion.
      it’s just whiteboy style #58 now. it’s clear channel. it’s a zombie; kill it.

  1. If there was any point at which the most recent punk phase was legitimate, I find it amusing that you now have the opportunity to say once again “Man, punk is DEAD!”

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