Further signs of the Empire in decline

  1. There is now a “Christian” clothing store in malls. http://www.c28.com/ for details.
  2. friendly_bandit reports that the horrible tiny dog people can now rent a tiny dog for the day at the bad pet store at our local rich people mall.
  3. From News of the Weird: “The county coroner in Olympia, Wash., won a federal Homeland Security contract to buy a large shrink-wrapping machine in case of mass casualties, thinking that traditional body-bagged corpses are harder to transport and store.”

Edit: zebulon_y: God Topic.

3 thoughts on “Further signs of the Empire in decline

  1. OMG XTREEM XIAN crapola, man. I never understood this:

    Don’t you want Satan in front of you so you can keep an eye on him? He might try to put something in your butt, otherwise, and you know the good lord designed that as an exit only.
    And now when I see shrink-wrapping thingers at the airport I am gonna get scared.

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