8 thoughts on “The right wing in this country has spun entirely out of control

  1. Isn’t that an amazing little artifact of right-wing insanity? Just horrific! And others are shaking their fists ominously at Chavez too. For signing up for salon.com, for some unknowable reason, I got a subscription to the unbelievably right-wing rag U.S. News and World Report. I throw it in the trash the minute it comes, but recently I happened to glance at the back page column – it was trashing Chavez too.
    Scary stuff.

    1. Well I can’t stand Chavez either. To my mind he’s just another neo-Stalinist Peron wannabee who’s going to trash the country. I just don’t think that’s enough reason for us to get all 1939 on his ass.

  2. Here we go. The problem here is not necessarily the leaders of these countries, but our unwillingness to develop new energy policies and technologies.
    The addict will stop at nothing to get the drugs.

  3. sure it did. it happened almost exactly as described in the article. only instead of venezuela it was cuba, and instead of oil it was sugar. and instead of china it was the USSR.

  4. Eh, that’s Adam Yoshida, “famous” livejournal troll and all-around tiringly verbose fruitcake. He makes Ann Coulter look like a tribal elder. I think the only real story here is that website was fooled into running one of his diatribes; not even the freepers take him seriously.
    The really good news is that we don’t have to claim him: he’s Canadian.

  5. A medium already exists for such disputes, it’s called tradewars.
    I can’t see any country outright declaring military war for an issue which is globally governed by trade agreements, sanctions, and duties/tariffs. Heck, if that’s the case, Starbucks might as well gather their own armies to take out the ma and pa coffee store competitors.

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