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  1. Whenever I see that, I recall what Bobcat Goldthwait said about celebrities and community service. After his Tonight Show fire episode and having to do community service, he commented on seeing Rosie O’Donnel and Penny Marshall doing K-mart commercials with “jeeze – what the hell did they do to K-mart?” or some such.

      1. Re: tonight show fire episode?
        Which suddenly makes his MadTV appearence funnier – they kept breaking to PSA’s of Bob telling you to do stupid and dangerous things with the tagline “Natural Selection: It’s Only Natural”

  2. It’s more than just Hootie, though: http://ad-rag.com/118841.php

    Along with The King and the now famous Tendercrisp Chicken, the ad aslo had appereances by FHM’s Vida Guerra and three Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders (One who is Monica Cravinas- I couldn’t figure out the other two as they look like too many of the other members of the squad to know for certain who is who.) Another person on a blog commented that they think the blonde near the tree at the beginning of the spot is Jenna Jameson. But we’re not stating that as fact, even though it does look like her.

  3. Rip-off from a song from O’Brother Where art Thou, and defile the happy memories of the the only thing I could ever watch George Clooney in with out heaving. Bastards, hate, kill, kill, hate, must destroy the Burger King.

    1. the big rock candy retard
      Yeah, well “Big Rock Candy Mountain” is kind of a standard, so that’s not surprising.
      I just wonder if I’ll wake up in a technicolor hell with dallas cowboys cheerleaders trying to shave me with a straight razor if I eat one of those burgers.

  4. I saw that last night I wondered if I had accidently ingested drugs… While I do not think that is Jenna Jamison at the beggining everyones favorite non-celebrity Brook Burke is at the end of the add… What exactly is she famous for anyway? Looking good in a bikini?

  5. i almost cried, in earnest.
    that was the most disturbing thing i’ve seen in.. i don’t know how long, but possibly ever.

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