One thought on “Bobby Fischer wants an extra egg

  1. Man, Icelandic people are fuckin’ crazy about chess. I swear to God they actually watch televised chess matches on Icelandic TV, with a live feed of the competitors frowning thoughtfully, computer-generated images of the current board state coming up every once in a while, the last few moves displayed on the bottom of the screen where you’d have a score in a football game, expert commentators, the works. Seen it with my own eyes.
    You know, the U.S. would probably be a much better place if there were more than, say, ten people in the entire country who would actually take time out of their day to watch a televised chess match. Really says something about our respective cultures.
    The fact that he’s a vicious, raving lunatic who’s managed to piss off pretty much everyone else in the world is probably secondary for them.

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