The Sleeper of 2005?

In the midst of a conversation I thought “Hm, I wonder what happened to Lou Diamond Phillips?” The answer is that he’s in a forthcoming film called The Sweet Science which is about a hard-nosed boxing manager (Phillips) who teams up with an unknown female boxer (Mariah Carey) to achieve success and make a name for them both.

While you’re choking on the idea of Mariah Carey as a boxer I should point out that the film also stars Donald Trump and actual real boxer Laila Ali.

Now this may just seem like an opportunity for a couple of cheap jokes and then a movie to resolutely avoid, but think for a moment. This may be your chance to pay $10 and see Mariah Carey get the shit beaten out of her by a professional boxer, like this:


I think they may have a surprise hit on their hands.

2 thoughts on “The Sleeper of 2005?

  1. Laila Ali has biceps the size of armadillos. How are they going to put Mariah Carey on the same screen and expect us to believe she’s a boxer? Are they going to make Laila wear a really baggy sweatshirt the whole time?

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